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A Regeneration Park where it is possible to touch the beauty of a natural environment developed by humans in harmony with Mother Earth using simple and antifragile technologies and unconditional love

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Our method

We apply the three permaculture ethics in everything we do:

  • Personal care

  • Earth care

  • Fair redistribution of the surplus

chi we are

We are a couple who are always young at heart who, after decades of commitment in management consultancy and human resource training and management, have decided to change their lives and realize the dream of creating an open ecosystem to experiment with sustainability projects and help achieve the company's objectives. Agenda 2030.

We wish to collaborate with other local and international realities to stimulate, with the logic of the collaborative platform, the birth of new rural businesses and new connections between agriculture and culture, also by having part of the crops adopted by people from all over the world interested in learning how to co-produce wine , oil, bread, citrus fruits, almonds and medicinal herbs for common well-being.

In partnership with the International Association Città della Terra Cruda and ANAB we want to give new impetus to the enhancement of green building as a Sardinian cultural identity trait by welcoming workers and enthusiasts into small structures and providing technical training, also creating a glamping-style farm campsite in a eco resort that offers  experiential activities in contact with nature for people who live in Sardinia permanently or temporarily with the logic of Rural Co Living.

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 We take care of the earth
  • We cultivate and transform forms of life in a regenerative way by involving other people to join the movement of those who carry out transformative processes for a more equitable and sustainable world, literally starting from the earth.

What do we do

We offer experiences
  • We offer hospitality, experiential, holistic, sporting, artisanal and cultural activities, cooking workshops and convivial catering involving professionals and expert people to expand the offer of our territory.

  • We make our 55 hectares of land available to other organizations to create opportunities for personal and community growth.

We develop relationships

What can we do together

Let's create a Regeneration Park where you can:

  • personally live authentic experiences in harmony with nature,

  • be part of a regenerative ecosystem,

  • collect products directly  organic with the open farm formula

  • participate in self-production workshops, holistic activities, craft techniques, cooking, transformation of herbs and land products, cultural, artistic and literary events,

  • become direct co-producers by adopting parcels where wine, oil, almonds, citrus fruits and medicinal plants grow in order to be able to actively exercise their role and learn by doing

  • see live the application of appropriate technologies to innovative and replicable production systems both on a small and large scale to grow food. healthy, clean and just people and communities.

The partecipation

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We facilitate participatory processes to build relational capital in a platform that facilitates the access of other components of the ecosystem, pursuing the idea of overcoming the traditional differences between customers and suppliers to all become co-creators of relationships generating thriving ecosystems.

Social inclusion

We aim to become an educational and social farm by including people with different abilities and looking for the best way to give their regenerative contribution.

We test a formula that allows you to "adopt" particles of perennial plants, making it possible for people from all over the world to support us and others who work for a more just and inclusive society

We invite the meeting of cultures and experiences to support biodiversity in all fields.

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Our method

We apply the three permaculture ethics in everything we do:

  • Personal care

  • Earth care

  • Fair redistribution of the surplus

Our method

We apply the three permaculture ethics in everything we do:

Personal Care, Earth Care and Fair Redistribution of Surplus.


Earth care

Soil regeneration, agroecology, cultivation, reproduction and distribution of perennial and biodiverse plants adapted to the context of Southern Sardinia, transformation of products and completion of the supply chain, exemplary production of energy with alternative sources, conscious management of water and resources, minimal recourse to substances introduced from the outside and use of natural elements as producers of energy and health

Personal care

Conducting personal development activities, education, training, horticultural therapy and experiential paths aimed at creating existential well-being, organization of workshops and workshops for self-production and transformation of land products, direct harvesting on the farm with playful and holistic events, support and consultancy for the birth of green businesses with the philosophy of the Blue Economy, organization of events and experiential tourism activities, conducting demonstration seminars of permacultural techniques for enthusiasts and other producers, involving people from everywhere with forms of adoption of cultivated parcels and experiential paths with logic of sustainability.

Fair redistribution of the surplus

facilitation of collaborative platforms with other manufacturers and partners

support for new forms of agricultural enterprises that can be part of the ecosystem by dealing with specialized activities, such as the transformation of plants into cosmetic and nutraceutical products, consultancy for new projects of other realities, support for regenerative projects, creation of collaborative platforms that can be used online to the whole world.




We are a  living lab of innovation and empirical research for the implementation of the 17 Goals of Agenda 2030 and to actively collaborate as citizens/scientists to test social technologies to live in harmonious communities.

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Free School of Popular Sardinian Herbal Medicine

Table football tournaments

Olive Festival

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In Our Garden

Quartu S. Elena, CA 94158 

Sardinia, Italy

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